b'Pursuing ourobjectivesTo ensure that Genome Canada is aware of any EDI issues in its programming, the ability to capture EDI data is being built into the information management system that is currently under devel-opment within the organization. This will allow for competition and project level analysis on EDI components. Genome Canada also supports events that focus on underrepresented groups, in-cluding the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference and the international Gender Summit. Objectivesfor 2019-20At a high level, GenomeRespond to societal needs by generating genomics discoveries and accelerating their translation into applications;Canada continues to pursueAttract greater investment in genomics research fromthe following objectives:a broad range of stakeholders, in particular the private sector;Enhance the impact of genomics by transforming knowledge of the ethical, environmental, economic, legal and social challenges and opportunities (GE 3 LS) into sound policiesand practices; and,Enhance the recognition of the value of genomics byincreasing stakeholder appreciation of genome science, its applications and implications.As Genome Canada finalizes and publishes its renewed Strategic Vision in 2019-20, these objectives will be refined and refreshed to capture the evolving nature of the organization.Genome Canada Annual Report 2018-19 27'