b"CENTRES SECTOR LEADERS ORGANIZATIONS TITLE TOTALGENOME CANADA FUNDING CONTRIBUTIONGenome AlbertaGieg, LisaManaging Microbial Corrosion Genome Atlantic Energy Wolodko, JohnUniversity of Calgary in Canadian Offshore amd On- $7,850,739 $2,307,750Khan, Faisal shore Oil Production OperationsMcKenzie, DebbieSystems Biology and Molecular Genome Alberta Environment Wishart, David University of Alberta Ecology of Chronic Wasting$11,500,523 $3,092,335DiseaseGENICE: Microbial Genomics Genome AlbertaEnvironment Hubert, CaseyUniversity of Calgary for Oil Spill Preparedness$10,612,988 $2,999,422Genome Prairie Stern, Gary in Canada`s Arctic Marine EnvironmentGenome BritishSchulte, PatriciaUniversity of BritishSustaining Freshwater Columbia Environment Koop, BenColumbia Recreational Fisheries in a$4,386,173 $1,460,163Farrell, Anthony Changing EnvironmentSauv, SbastianATRAPP - Algal Blooms, Treat-Genome Qubec Environment Shapiro, JesseUniversit de Montral ment, Risk Assessment, Predic- $12,304,536 $3,166,666Dorner, Sarah tion and Prevention through GenomicsGenome QubecBasu, NiladriEcoToxChip: A Toxicogenomics Genome Prairie Environment Hecker, MarkusMcGill University Tool for Chemical Prioritization$9,786,922 $3,104,002Crump, Doug and Environmental Management Lougheed, StephenBEARWATCH: Monitoring van CoeverdenImpacts of Arctic Climate Ontario Genomics Environment de Groot, PeterQueen's University Change using Polar Bears,$9,219,247 $2,708,282Whitelaw, GrahamGenomics and Traditional Dyck, Markus Ecological KnowledgeMine Wastewater Solutions: Ontario Genomics Environment Warren, LesleyUniversity of Toronto Next Generation Biological$3,682,691 $1,181,739Banfield, Jillian Treatment through Functional GenomicsGenome BritishKoop, BenEnhancing Production in Coho: ColumbiaFisheries Bernatchez, Louis Simon Fraser University Culture, Community, Catch$9,709,592 $3,796,910Genome Qubec (EPIC4)Walker, Virginia Lougheed, StephenTowards a Sustainable Fishery Ontario Genomics Fisheries Schott, StephanQueen's University for Nunavummiut $5,652,792 $2,124,674van Coeverden de Groot, PeterGenome AlbertaThomas, BarbResilient Forests (RES-FOR): Genome BritishForestry Erbilgin, NadirUniversity of Alberta Climate, Pests & Policy -$5,678,657 $1,762,342Columbia El-Kassaby, Yousry Genomic ApplicationsGenome BritishAitken, SallyUniversity of BritishCoAdapTree: Healthy Trees for ColumbiaForestry Yeaman, SamColumbia Future Climates $5,800,000 $1,881,454Genome Alberta Hamelin, RichardGenome BritishBohlmann, JoergUniversity of BritishSpruce-Up: Advanced Spruce ColumbiaForestry Bousquet, Jean Columbia Genomics for Productive and$10,417,352 $3,000,000Genome Qubec Resilient ForestsGenome BritishHamelin, RichardUniversity of BritishBioSurveillance of Alien Forest ColumbiaForestry Duff, CameronColumbia Enemies (BioSAFE) $8,730,760 $2,763,989Genome Qubec Porth, IlgaOntario GenomicsSYNBIOMICS: Functional Genome BritishForestry Master, EmmaUniversity of Toronto Genomics and Techno- $10,725,222 $2,830,781Columbia Brumer, Harry Economic Models for Advanced Biopolymer SynthesisLewis, IanUniversity of CalgaryReducing the global burden Genome Alberta Health Church, Deirdre Calgary Laboratoryof infectious diseases through$11,030,405 $2,103,371Services precision population healthGenome BritishPenn, AndrewVancouver Island HealthReducing Stroke Burden with Columbia Health Borchers, ChristophAuthority Hospital-Ready Biomarker Test$9,634,996 $4,755,969Coutts, Shelagh for Rapid TIA TriageGenomic and Outcomes Data- Genome BritishHealth Carleton, Bruce C.University of Britishbank for Pharmacogenomic$10,517,507 $1,899,963Columbia Ross, Colin J. Columbia and Implementation Studies (Go-PGx)Silent Genomes: Reducing Genome BritishArbour, LauraUniversity of Britishhealth care disparities and im-Columbia Health Caron, NadineColumbiaproving diagnostic success for$10,399,812 $2,200,000Wasserman, Wyeth children with genetic diseases from Indigenous populationsGenome Canada Annual Report 2018-19 29"