b"Active Projects FundedLarge-scale scienceCENTRES SECTOR LEADERS ORGANIZATIONS TITLE TOTALGENOME CANADA FUNDING CONTRIBUTIONSteidl, ChristianBC Cancer ResearchDeciphering the genome Genome BritishHealth Marra, MarcoCentrebiology of relapsed lymphoid$11,926,360 $2,100,000Columbia Scott, David cancers to improve patient managementGenome BritishElliott, Alison M.BC Provincial HealthGenCOUNSEL: Optimization of ColumbiaHealth Knoppers, BarthaServices AuthorityGenetic Counselling for Clinical$4,237,284 $1,004,017Genome Qubec Lynd, LarryImplementation of Genome-Austin, Jehannine wide SequencingKeown, PaulPrecision Medicine CanPRE-Genome BritishSapir-Pichhadze,University of BritishVENT AMR: Applying Precision ColumbiaHealth RuthColumbiaMedicine Technologies in$10,834,538 $2,036,000Genome QubecCaulfield, TimothyCanada to Prevent Antibody Genome Alberta Bryan, Stirling Mediated Rejection and Prema-ture Kidney Transplant LossTurvey, StuartChildhood Asthma and Genome BritishKobor, MichaelUniversity of Britishthe Microbiome - Precision ColumbiaHealth Finlay, B. BrettColumbiaHealth for Life: The Canadian$9,142,486 $4,569,644Ontario Genomics Subbarao, Padmaja Healthy Infant Longitudinal Development (CHILD) StudyCossette, PatrickCentre hospitalier dePersonalized Medicine in the Genome Qubec Health Michaud, Jacquesl'Universit de Montral Treament of Epilepsy $11,509,053 $5,585,410Minassian, BergeJabado, NadaThe ICHANGE (International Genome Qubec Health Majewski, JacekMcGill University HealthChildhood Astrocytomas$5,122,390 $1,230,661Pastinen, Tomi Centre iNtegrated Genomics and Epigenomics) ConsortiumGenome Qubec Health Perreault, ClaudeUniversit de MontralPersonalized Cancer$13,486,784 $2,409,386Roy, Denis-Claude ImmunotherapyIBD Genomic Medicine Consor-Rioux, Johntium (iGenoMed): Translating Ge-Genome Qubec Health Bitton, Alain Montreal Heart Institute netic Discoveries into a Personal- $9,966,018 $2,460,036ized Approach to Treating the Inflammatory Bowel DiseasesPEGASUS: Personalized Genome Qubec Health Rousseau, FranoisUniversit Laval Genomics for prenatal$10,525,682 $2,475,010Langlois, Sylvie Aneuploidy Screening Using maternal bloodSauvageau, GuyInstitute for Research inInnovative Chemogenomic Genome Qubec Health Hbert, Jose Immunology and Cancer Tools to Improve Outcome in$11,325,631 $4,908,515Acute Myeloid LeukemiaSimard, JacquesPersonalized Risk Stratification Genome Qubec Health Knoppers, BarthaUniversit Laval for Prevention and Early$11,761,246 $2,732,295Maria Detection of Breast CancerSauvageau, GuyInstitute for Research inInterrogating and Implementing Genome Qubec Health Hbert, Jose Immunology and CancerOmics for precision medicine in$12,785,000 $5,000,000Acute Myeloid LeukemiaPEGASUS-2 - Personalized Genome QubecRousseau, FranoisUniversit LavalGenomics for prenatal Genome BritishHealth Langlois, Sylvie Abnormalities Screening Using$12,241,625 $2,198,882Columbia maternal blood: Towards First Tier Screening and BeyondSimard, JacquesPersonalized Risk Assessment Genome QubecHealth Chiarelli, AnnaUniversit Lavalfor Prevention and Early$15,217,975 $100,000Ontario Genomics Maria Detection of Breast Cancer: Integration and Implementation30 Genome Canada Annual Report 2018-19"