b"CENTRES SECTOR LEADERS ORGANIZATIONS TITLE TOTALGENOME CANADA FUNDING CONTRIBUTIONGenome QubecJabado, NadaResearch Institute of theTackling Childhood Brain Ontario Genomics Health Taylor, MichaelMcGill University HealthCancer at the root to improve$12,997,397 $2,349,822Majewski, Jacek Centre survival and quality of lifeOntario Genomics Health Boycott, KymChildren's Hospital ofEnhanced CARE for RARE$11,892,624 $2,538,734MacKenzie, Alex Eastern Ontario Genetic Diseases in CanadaOntario Genomics Health Scherer, StephenThe Hospital for SickAutism Spectrum Disorders:$9,979,998 $2,479,999Szatmari, Peter Children Genome to OutcomesStein, LincolnOntario Institute forEarly Detection of Patients Ontario Genomics Health Godfrey, Tony Cancer Research at High Risk of Esophageal$3,240,865 $795,272AdenocarcinomaThe Microbiota at the Intestinal Ontario Genomics Health Stintzi, AlainUniversity of Ottawa Mucosa-Immune Interface:$2,961,445 $716,360Mack, David A Gateway for Personalized HealthStintzi, AlainUniversity of OttawaMicrobiome-Based Precision Ontario Genomics Health Mack, David Medicine in Inflammatory$9,111,566 $4,555,624Bowel DiseaseOntario Genomics Health Ratjen, Felix The Hospital for SickPersonalized Therapy for$10,073,758 $4,999,907Children Individuals with Cystic FibrosisOntario GenomicsYeung, Rae S.M.The Hospital for SickUCAN CURE: Precision Genome Alberta Health Benseler, SusanneChildrenDecisions for Childhood$10,000,000 $5,000,000M. ArthritisOntario GenomicsBoycott, KymCare4Rare Canada: Harnessing Genome AlbertaBrudno, MichaelChildren's Hospital ofmulti-omics to deliver innova-Genome BritishHealth Bernier, FrancoisEastern Ontariotive diagnostic care for rare$10,866,640 $2,198,898Columbia van Karnebeek,genetic diseases in Canada Clara (C4R-SOLVE)EMERGING ISSUESGenome BritishUniversity of BritishDivSeek Canada: Harnessing Columbia Agriculture Rieseberg, Lorne Columbia Genomics to Accelerate Crop$751,552 $242,800Improvement in CanadaGenome Prairie Health Karniychuk,University ofIn vivo and Ex vivo models for$713,062 $237,436Uladzimir Saskatchewan Zika virus infectionNATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL INITIATIVESGenome Atlantic Agriculture Schnurr, Matthew Dalhousie University The GMO 2.0 partnership $199,966 $99,983University ofAn integrated approach for Genome Prairie Agriculture Pozniak, Curtis Saskatchewan enhancing Fusarium head$1,475,000 $475,000blight resistance in durumGenome Prairie Environment Clark, Douglas A. University ofTransforming Arctic Conserva- $199,850 $99,925Saskatchewan tion through Social InnovationBeauchamp,Genetic and environmental Ontario Genomics Environment Jonathan University of Toronto influences on economic$90,148 $45,074preferences and outcomesGenome AlbertaMcCabe,Genomics and Personalized Genome Qubec Health ChristopherUniversity of Alberta Health GE 3LS Network program $1,996,945 $998,473Rousseau, FranoisOntario GenomicsHealth Dirks, PeterThe Hospital for SickBrain Cancer Stem Cell Dream$10,577,948 $8,500,000Genome Alberta Weiss, Samuel Children TeamJoly, DavidTRICHUM: Translating Research Genome Atlantic Health Filion, Martin Universit de Moncton into Innovation for Cannabis$1,227,800 $200,000Health at Universit de MonctonAlda, MartinNova Scotia HealthEarly detection of bipolar disor-Genome Atlantic Health Uher, Rudolf Authorityder and optimized selection of$974,996 $199,996Dalhousie University long term treatmentImproving Diagnosis and Genome BritishHealth Sanatani,BC Children's Hospital Treatment of Catecholamin- $4,640,290 $333,000Columbia Shubhayan ergic Polymorphic Ventricular TachycardiaThe Hospital for SickHarmonising Phenomics Infor-Ontario Genomics Health Brudno, Michael Children mation for a Better Interoper- $4,429,833 $333,000ability in the RD FieldGenome Canada Annual Report 2018-19 31"