b'Active Projects FundedLarge-scale scienceCENTRES SECTOR LEADERS ORGANIZATIONS TITLE TOTALGENOME CANADA FUNDING CONTRIBUTIONOntario Genomics Health Diamandis,University of Toronto Netherton Syndrome: From$4,358,669 $333,000Eleftherios Mechanisms to TherapiesOntario Genomics Health Edwards, AledUniversity of Toronto Structural Genomics$51,182,671 $12,499,998Arrowsmith, Cheryl Consortium IVOntario Genomics Health Goodhand, Peter Ontario Institute forCanadian Genomics$244,000 $244,000Cancer Research Partnership for Rare DiseaseAdvancing Big Data Science in Ontario Genomics Health Stein, Lincoln University of Toronto Genomics Research Project - $5,999,860 $2,000,000The Cancer Genome Collaboratory Ontario Genomics Health Gattinger, Monica University of Ottawa @Risk: Strengthening Canada`s$195,166 $97,583Ability to Manage RiskOntario Genomics Health Sargent, Ted University of Toronto Bio-inspired Solar Energy$500,000 $250,000NetworkJenners Legacy: uncovering the Ontario Genomics Health Duggan, Ana McMaster University origins and dissemination of$48,030 $24,015smallpox vaccines in the 19th-20th centuriesDeveloping Collaborative Research to Identify theGenome Alberta Health Goodman, Karen University of Alberta Impacts of Helicobacter$75,000 $37,500Pylori Genomics Research on Northern Canadian Indigenous Communities Genome BritishHealth Finlay, BrettUniversity of BritishCanadian Humans and the$5,775,000 $1,000,000Columbia Rossant, Janet Columbia Microbiome Program (CIFAR)Genome QubecKnoppers, Bartha Ontario GenomicsHealth MariaMcGill University Canadian International Data$3,287,331 $1,000,000Genome BritishBrudno, MichaelSharing Initiative (CanSHARE)Columbia Friedman, JanLeading-edge technologyCENTRES SECTOR LEADERS ORGANIZATIONS TITLE TOTALGENOME CANADA FUNDING CONTRIBUTIONCORE OPERATIONS SUPPORT FOR TECHNOLOGY PLATFORMS Genome AlbertaWishart, DavidUniversity of AlbertaThe Metabolomics Innovation Genome BritishAll Borchers, Christoph University of Victoria Centre $5,427,207 $5,427,207ColumbiaGenome BritishBorchers, ChristophUniversity of VictoriaThe Pan-Canadian Proteomics Columbia All Foster, Leonard University of BritishCentre $5,518,555 $5,518,555ColumbiaMarra, MarcoBC Cancer AgencyBC Cancer Agency Genome Genome BritishAll Jones, StevenUniversity of BritishSciences Centre Genomics$5,472,887 $5,472,887Columbia Nislow, CoreyColumbia Technology PlatformHirst, Martin32 Genome Canada Annual Report 2018-19'