b'Active Projects FundedLeading-edge technologyCENTRES SECTOR LEADERS ORGANIZATIONS TITLE TOTALGENOME CANADA FUNDING CONTRIBUTIONDevelopment and Validation Genome Qubec Environment Xia, JianguoMcGill University of a Web-Based Platform for$1,047,507 $500,000Basu, Niladri Environmental Omics and ToxicologyExtracting Signal from Noise: Ontario Genomics Environment Adamowicz, SarahUniversity of Guelph Big Biodiversity Analysis from$507,231 $250,000Hebert, Paul High-Throughput Sequence DataAnnoVis: Annotation and Genome BritishEnvironment Birol, Inanc BC Cancer Agency visualization of de novo$1,000,000 $500,000Columbia genome and transcriptome assembliesGenome BritishUniversity of BritishGlobal scale metabolic Columbia Environment Hallam, Steven Columbia pathway reconstruction from$1,028,699 $499,962environmental genomesFrom ePlants to eEcosystems: Provart, NicholasUniversity of TorontoNew Frameworks and Tools for Ontario Genomics Forestry Bohlmann, Joerg University of BritishSharing, Accessing, Exploring$1,000,000 $499,999Columbia and Integrating Omic Data from PlantsRapid Prediction of Antimicro-Genome AtlanticHealth Beiko, RobDalhousie University bial Resistance from Metage- $249,985 $116,661Ontario Genomics McArthur, Andrew nomics Samples: Data, Models and MethodsNew Bioinformatics for New Genome BritishSequencing Technologies: Columbia Health Birol, Inanc BC Cancer Agency Genome Characterization and$250,000 $116,668Variation Detection using Long ReadsGenome BritishBrinkman, RyanAutomated Analysis of Big Flow Columbia Health Chauve, CedricBC Cancer Agency Cytometry Data $249,994 $118,762Mostafavi, SaraChindelevitch,PathOGiST: Calibrated Multi-Genome BritishHealth LeonidSimon Fraser University Criterion Genomic Analysis for$250,000 $116,668Columbia Hsiao, WilliamPublic Health MicrobiologyChauve, CedricProteogenomics-Improved and Guided Quantification Pipeline Genome BritishBorchers, Christoph(PIGQpipe): Targeted Proteomics Columbia Health Mohammed,University of Victoria with Internal Proteogeno-typic$556,472 $273,860Yassene Peptide Standards to Quantify Variants Identified by Proteoge-nomic ExperimentsChindelevitch,Machine learning methods Genome BritishHealth LeonidSimon Fraser Universityto predict drug resistance in$1,000,000 $499,886Columbia Libbrecht, MaxwellUniversit de Montral pathogenic bacteria Shapiro, JesseGenome BritishFoster, LeonardUniversity of BritishIlluminating the dark matter Columbia Health Wishart, David Columbiaof the metabolome with$500,000 $250,000University of Alberta convolutional neural networksDevelopment and implementa-Genome BritishHealth Joy, Jeffrey B.University of Britishtion of bioinformatics tools$1,249,397 $499,992Columbia Montaner, Julio S.G. Columbia for HIV and HCV phylogenetic monitoring platforms34 Genome Canada Annual Report 2018-19'