b"CENTRES SECTOR LEADERS ORGANIZATIONS TITLE TOTALGENOME CANADA FUNDING CONTRIBUTIONGenome BritishHsiao, WilliamUniversity of BritishGenomic Epidemiology ColumbiaHealth McArthur, AndrewColumbia Application Ontology (GenEpiO) $250,000 $116,668Ontario Genomics Brinkman, FionaOnTarget: Big Data Informed Genome BritishHealth Wasserman, Wyeth University of BritishSoftware for the Design of cis- $250,000 $116,709Columbia Columbia Regulatory Regions Controlling Human Gene ExpressionComputation of Cell-Specific Major, FranoisMicroRNA: Mrna Regulatory Genome Qubec Health Duchaine, Thomas Universit de Montral Networks Enable the Design$250,000 $116,668of Efficient RNAi-based TherapeuticsGenome Qubec Health Shapiro, JesseUniversit de Montral A Toolkit for Genome-Wide$250,000 $116,668Barreiro, Luis Association Studies in Bacteria Computational Methods Genome Qubec Health Waldispuhl, JeromeMcGill University and Databases to Identify$249,999 $116,868Moitessier, Nicolas Small RNA-binding Molecules Regulating Gene ExpressionBourque, GuillaumeEpigenomics Secure Data Genome Qubec Health Joly, Yann McGill University Sharing Platform for Integrative$1,000,000 $500,000Analyses (EpiShare)Xia, JianguoAn integrative platform for Genome Qubec Health Bourque, GuillaumeMcGill Universitymetabolomics and systems$1,094,607 $500,000Jacques, Pierre- Universit de Sherbrooke biologyEtienneBlanchette, MathieuBioinformatics tools for Genome Qubec Health Majewski, JacekMcGill University integrative 3D epigenomics $1,122,405 $500,000Waldispuhl, JeromeLady Davis Institute for Genome Qubec Health Greenwood, CeliaMedical ResearchPrecision Medicine in Cellular$660,512 $317,220Oualkacha, Karim Universit du Qubec EpigenomicsMontralNext-generation molecular Najmanovich,docking leveraging artificial Genome Qubec Health Rafael Universit de Montral intelligence techniques to$500,000 $250,000understand large-scale ligand binding data setsGenome QubecWaldispuhl, JeromeCrowdsourcing Genomic Genome Prairie Health Tremblay-Savard,McGill University Databases $250,000 $116,668OlivierEpigenCentral: Consolidated Ontario Genomics Health Brudno, MichaelThe Hospital for Sickepigenetic landscape for$249,900 $117,577Weksberg, Rebecca Children congenital, developmental and childhood disordersOntario Genomics Health Boutros, Paul Ontario Institute forEnhanced and Automated$250,000 $116,668Cancer Research Visualization of Complex DataFerretti, VincentOntario Institute forDockstore: A Platform for Ontario Genomics Health Stein, Lincoln Cancer Research Sharing Cloud-Agnostic Tools$250,000 $116,668with the Research CommunityKamphir: A Versatile Framework Ontario Genomics Health Poon, Art Western University to Fit Models to Phylogenetic$205,365 $91,033Tree ShapesMedSavant: An integrative Ontario Genomics Health Brudno, MichaelUniversity of Toronto framework for clinical and$998,546 $499,273Bader, Gary research analysis of human genomesDevelopment of a unified Lerner-Ellis, JordanMount Sinai HospitalCanadian clinical genomic Ontario Genomics Health Lebo, Matthew Brigham and Women'sdatabase as a community$1,000,000 $500,000Hospital resource for standardizing and sharing genetic interpretationsOntario Institute forRapid, Accessible Genome Ontario Genomics Health Simpson, Jared Cancer Research Assembly Using Long Read$250,000 $116,668SequencingBridGE-SGA: A novel compu-Ontario Genomics Health Boone, CharlesUniversity of Torontotational platform to discover$990,910 $494,552Myers, Chad L. University of Minnesota genetic interactions underlying human diseaseGenome Canada Annual Report 2018-19 35"