b"Active Projects FundedLeading-edge technologyCENTRES SECTOR LEADERS ORGANIZATIONS TITLE TOTALGENOME CANADA FUNDING CONTRIBUTIONGingras, Anne- Lunenfeld-TanenbaumComputational tools for Data-Ontario Genomics Health ClaudeResearch InstituteIndependent Acquisition (DIA)$1,000,000 $500,000Rost, Hannes University of Toronto for quantitative proteomics and metabolomicsHaibe-Kains,University HealthSYNERGx: A computational Ontario Genomics Health Benjamin Network framework for drug combination$972,700 $486,336synergy predictionSoftware for Peptide Identifica-Ma, BinUniversity of Waterlootion and Quantification from Ontario Genomics Health Moran, Michael Hospital for Sick Children Large Mass Spectrometry$925,987 $462,998Data using Data Independent AcquisitionPugh, TrevorPrincess MargaretCReSCENT: CanceR Single Cell Ontario Genomics Health Brudno, Michael Cancer CentreExpressioN Toolkit $1,000,000 $499,900Hospital for Sick ChildrenOntario Institute forDockstore 2.0: EnhancingOntario Genomics Health Stein, LincolnCancer Researcha community platform for$875,269 $437,610Fiume, Mark DNAstack sharing cloud-agnostic research toolsDISRUPTIVE INNOVATION IN GENOMICSGenome BritishAll Hof, Fraser University of Victoria A Chemo-Affinity Toolkit for$238,800 $238,800Columbia Methylation ProteomicsGenome BritishShah, SohrabUniversity of BritishReimagining Genome Browsing Columbia All Nielsen, Cydney Columbia for the Era of Single Cell$250,000 $250,000GenomicsGenome BritishAll Wasserman, Wyeth University of BritishGNOmics: Graphs 'N' Omics $250,000 $250,000Columbia ColumbiaReplacing Immunoassays Genome BritishBorchers, Christophwith MS-based Technology: Columbia All Sickmann, Albert University of Victoria Quantitative Proteomics $3,865,231 $999,695Kits Enabling Deep Molecular Phenotyping of the MouseGenome BritishUniversity of BritishNext Generation Immune Columbia All Hansen, Carl Columbia Profiling Technology based on$2,993,509 $991,185Microfluidic Single Cell AnalysisGenome BritishAll Marra, MarcoBC Cancer Agency Automated Tumour Pathology $409,858 $101,559Columbia Coope, RobinThe RNA Zipcode Discovery Lcuyer, EricInstitut de recherchesPipeline: Emerging Tools Genome Qubec All Blanchette, Mathieucliniques de Montral for Targeting Therapeutic$3,164,100 $999,997Waldispuhl, Jrome Molecules at Subcellular ResolutionGenome Qubec All Juncker, David McGill University Single Exosome Multi-Omic$249,999 $249,999AnalysisCostantino,Laser Assisted Single-Cell Genome Qubec All SantiagoMcGill University Genomics $250,000 $250,000Kleinman, ClaudiaTrifiro, MarkPlasmonic PCR: Rapid Genome Qubec All Kirk, Andrew McGill University Diagnostics through$249,976 $249,976Plasmonics36 Genome Canada Annual Report 2018-19"