b'Active Projects FundedLeading-edge technologyCENTRES SECTOR LEADERS ORGANIZATIONS TITLE TOTALGENOME CANADA FUNDING CONTRIBUTIONInteractome mapping of Ontario Genomics All Stagljar, Igor University of Toronto disease-related proteins using$2,223,117 $741,039split intein-mediated protein ligation (SIMPL)Development of a digital micro- Wheeler, Aaronfluidic platform to identify and Ontario Genomics All Kolomietz, ElenaUniversity of Torontotarget single cells from a het- $3,002,971 $1,000,000Chitayat, DavidSinai Health Systems erogeneous cell population for lysis in an ultra-low volume for non-invasive prenatal diagnosisTranslationCENTRES SECTOR LEADERS ORGANIZATIONS TITLE TOTALGENOME CANADA FUNDING CONTRIBUTIONGENOMIC APPLICATIONS PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMDevelopment of Genomic Genome Alberta Agriculture Plastow, GrahamUniversity of AlbertaCrossbred Estimate Breeding$3,389,222 $1,129,647Kemp, Robert Genesus Inc. Values to maximize profitability for Canadian pork producersYost, ChristopherUniversity of ReginaImproving on-seed survival and Genome Prairie Agriculture Whiting, Mike Lallemand Inc. performance of legume inocu- $427,491 $142,491lants using genome shufflingA Metagenomic Approach to Evaluate the Impact of Cheese-Genome Qubec Agriculture Labrie, SteveUniversit Lavalmaking Technologies and Ripen- $742,679 $247,472Duquenne, Manon Agropur Cooperative ing Conditions on the Microbial Ecosystem of Premium Washed Rind CheesesDevelopment and Commer-Genome Qubec Agriculture Tsang, AdrianConcordia Universitycialization of Next Generation$6,000,000 $2,000,000Matzat, Paul Elanco Animal Health Enzyme Supplement for Swine and PoultryUniversit LavalChips for Better Chops: Genome Qubec Agriculture Robert, ClaudeCanadian Centre forCommercial Application of$6,550,103 $1,996,186Sullivan, Brian Swine Improvement Genomics for AcceleratedSwine Genetic ImprovementTsang, AdrianConcordia UniversityLysozyme feed additives Genome Qubec Agriculture Matzat, Paul Elanco Animal Healthto improve gut health and$6,000,000 $2,000,000Eli Lilly and Company productivity of food animalsBaes, ChristineUniversity of GuelphApplication of Genomic Selection Ontario Genomics Agriculture Wood, Ben Hybrid Turkeys, a Hendrixin Turkeys for Health, Welfare, $6,039,988 $1,999,422Genetics Company Efficiency and Production TraitsPauls,PeterUniversity of GuelphIncreasing yield in Canola Using Ontario Genomics Agriculture Crisp, MatthewBenson Hill Biosystems Genomic Solutions $3,682,897 $1,147,374Gray, BenjaminOntario Genomics Agriculture LaPointe, GiseleUniversity of GuelphTranslating OMICS for competitive$1,339,129 $446,077Pepe, Maria Parmalat Canada dairy products38 Genome Canada Annual Report 2018-19'