b'CENTRES SECTOR LEADERS ORGANIZATIONS TITLE TOTALGENOME CANADA FUNDING CONTRIBUTIONGuttman, DavidUniversity of TorontoBroad-Range Disease Resistance Ontario Genomics Agriculture Paulter, Nicholas Vineland Research andin Greenhouse Vegetables $2,008,200 $668,291Innovation CentreMubareka, SamiraUniversity of TorontoPre-emergence surveillence for Ontario Genomics Agriculture Qadir, Mohammad Fusion Genomics reportable influenza viruses at$790,753 $250,000the human-animal interfaceTranslating High Immune Ontario Genomics Agriculture Mallard, BonnieUniversity of GuelphRepsonse (HIRTM) Genomics to$1,617,164 $538,601Lohuis, Michael The Semex Alliance Improve Beef Cattle Health and WelfareOntario GenomicsGoulet, CharlesUniversit LavalA Genetic Toolbox for Tomato Genome Qubec Agriculture Liscombe, David Vineland Research andFlavour Differentiation $1,804,643 $601,533Innovation CentreGenome AtlanticHubert, CaseyUniversity of CalgaryMicrobial Genomics for De-Genome Alberta Energy MacDonald, Adam Nova Scotia DepartmentRisking Offshore Oil and Gas$4,886,764 $1,597,843of Energy Exploration in Nova ScotiaUniversity of ManitobaFibre Composite and Biomatrix Genome Prairie Environment Levin, DavidComposites InnovationGenomics (FiCoGEN) -$3,315,000 $1,105,000Ducharme, Shawna Centre Application to the Ground Transportation IndustryRobert, ClaudeUniversit Laval DirectionUse of genomics to manage and Genome Qubec Environment Rioux, Rejean gnrale de la protectionprotect caribou populations $3,043,190 $1,011,323de la faune (Qubec)Scale-up of Bioaugmentation Edwards, ElizabethUniversity of TorontoCultures and Development of Ontario Genomics Environment Dworatzek, Sandra SiREM Delivery Strategies and Monitoring$952,497 $317,422Tools for Anaerobic Benzene and Alkylbenzene BioremediationHajibabaei,University of GuelphAssessing Freshwater Health Ontario Genomics Environment MehrdadWorld Wildlife FundThrough Community Based Envi- $2,608,784 $866,852Hendriks, Elizabeth Canada ronmental DNA MetabarcodingMahadevan,University of TorontoGenomics Driven Engineering of Ontario Genomics Environment RadhakrishnanBioAmber Hosts for Bio-Nylon $5,700,000 $1,900,000Lau, KitRise, MatthewMemorial UniversityIntegrated Pathogen Genome Atlantic Fisheries Taylor, Richard EWOS Innovation Management of Co-Infection in$4,533,102 $1,509,113Atlantic SalmonUniversity of British ColumbiaCedar Enhanced Durability and Genome BritishForestry Bohlmann, JoergBritish Columbia MinistryResistance (CEDaR): Sustainability$2,150,779 $716,811Columbia Russell, John H. of Forests, Lands andof Canada`s Western Redcedar Natural ResourceForestry SectorOperationsBousquet, JeanUniversit LavalFact Tests for Rating and Genome Qubec Forestry Smith, Guy FP Innovations Amelioration of Conifers$3,364,420 $1,122,043(FastTRAC)Device for the rapid detection Genome Alberta Health Lewis, IanUniversity of Calgaryof seven common bloodstream$6,024,695 $1,999,812Church, Deidre Calgary Lab Services infections and assessment of antibiotic susceptibilityGenome BritishCarleton, BruceUniversity of BritishIntegrating Pediatric Columbia Health Cot, Yvan ColumbiaPharmacogenomic Testing into$2,809,934 $936,512Dynacare the Canadian SystemGenome BritishRossi, FabioUniversity of BritishAntibody Therapeutics for Columbia Health Underhill, T. Michael ColumbiaDuchenne Muscular Dystrophy $6,506,824 $1,998,726AbCellera BiologicsBergeron, MichelUniversit LavalExpanding the Molecular Point-Genome Qubec Health Allibert, Patrice GenePOC Inc. Of-Care Test Menu with Two$5,711,781 $1,740,577Gram-Positive CocciThibault, PierreBridging the ProteoGenomics Genome Qubec Health Dunyach, Jean- Universit de MontralGap for Personalized Medicine$1,737,722 $522,730Jacques Thermo Fisher Scientific Using Transformative Mass Spectometry TechnologiesGoodyer, PaulMcGill University HealthNovel Aminoglycoside Genome Qubec Health Huertas, Pedro CentreReadthrough Reaction for$2,051,396 $671,720Eloxx Pharmaceuticals Nonsense MutationsGenome Canada Annual Report 2018-19 39'