b'Active Projects FundedTranslationCENTRES SECTOR LEADERS ORGANIZATIONS TITLE TOTALGENOME CANADA FUNDING CONTRIBUTIONDevelopment of comprehensive Drouin, RgenUniversit Lavalcytogenetics testing using an Genome Qubec Health Gao, Harry Fulgent Genetics exome and low-pass whole$5,090,181 $1,689,442genome sequencing combined approachSecond Generation Diagnostics: Genome QubecBorchers, ChristophMcGill UniversityiMALDI-based Assays for Protein Genome BritishHealth Batist, GeraldUniversity of VictoriaActivity to Improve Patient$3,340,335 $806,285Columbia Elvin, Paul AstraZeneca Selection for Therapeutic Akt Inhibitors in Cancer TreatmentCentre for Addiction andClinical Utility and Enhancements Ontario Genomics Health Kennedy, JamesMental Healthof a Pharmacogenomic Decision$5,994,758 $1,981,184Altar, Anthony Assurex Health Inc. Support Tool for Mental Health PatientsLiu, PeterUniversity of Ottawa Ontario Genomics Health Bucklar- Heart InstituteCardiovascular Biomarker$5,904,662 $1,953,663Suchankova,Roche DiagnosticsTranslation (CBT) ProgramGabriela InternationalWang, JeanUniversity HealthSIRPFc: Translating Genomics Ontario Genomics Health Uger, Robert Network TrilliumResearch Into a Novel Cancer$3,428,274 $1,106,079Therapeutics Inc. ImmunotherapyKamel-Reid,Princess MargaretTowards a National Framework Ontario Genomics Health SuzanneCancer Centrefor Cancer Genome Profiling in$6,000,000 $1,999,999Sumner, Jeff Lifelabs MedicalCanadian HospitalsLaboratory ServicesKeshavjee, ShafUniversity HealthNovel Rapid Diagnostic Tools for Ontario Genomics Health Hartnett, Thomas Network UnitedLung Transplantation: Bringing$6,000,000 $2,000,000Therapeutics Omics to the BedsideThe Hospital for SickClinical Development and Ontario Genomics Health Hawkins, CynthiaChildrenTranslation of Genomics-Driven$1,865,739 $600,000Saunders, Barney Nanostring Technologies Pediatric Cancer Diagnostics using NanoString TechnologyOttawa HospitalStandardization of Molecular Ontario Genomics Health Stewart, DavidResearch InstituteDiagnostic Testing for Non-small$2,054,798 $595,197Ivany, Craig Eastern Ontario RegionalLung CancerLaboratory AssociationLunenfeld-TanenbaumLeveraging Leukocytes as Ontario Genomics Health Lye, SteveResearch InstituteEndogeneous Biosensors to$4,565,893 $1,503,307Liu, Xin BGI-Research Create Novel Diagnostics for Preterm BirthBramson, JonathanMcMaster UniversityValidation of TAC receptors for Ontario Genomics Health Fiorino, Tony Triumvira Immunologicsuse against liquid and solid$2,256,179 $723,883Inc. tumorsDevices for Detection and Ontario Genomics Health Kelley, ShanaUniversity of TorontoIdentification of Surface Microbial$4,469,365 $1,485,636McInnes, Mark Charlotte Products Ltd. Contamination in High-Risk FacilitiesBartlett, JohnOntario Institute forTargeted Next Generation Ontario Genomics Health Sadis, Seth Cancer ResearchSequencing Panels for Clinical$6,000,000 $2,000,000Thermo Fisher Scientific Disease ManagementApplying the Adapsyn Genomics Surette, MichaelMcMaster UniversityPlatform to the Identification, Ontario Genomics Health Magarvey, NathanAdapsyn Bioscience Isolation, and Characterization$6,034,102 $1,990,459Haigh, Andrew of Immune Modulators from the Human Microbiome40 Genome Canada Annual Report 2018-19'