b'Appendices Appendix 1The Canadian GenomicsEnterpriseG enome Canada operates within a unique and highly effective model. It works collaboratively with six regional Genome Centres, each of which is independently incorporated, in pursuit of agreed-to objectives in genomics research. This approach enables national breadth and regional depth, ensuring collective, pan-Canadian action in determining priorities and delivering programs.GENOME CENTRES PLAY A SIGNIFICANT ROLE. THEY:The Genome Centres pursue their own strategic ob-jectives informed by regional strengths and priorities.work with Genome Canada to inform Genome Canada works across the Centres to integrate and advise strategy, these regional strengths and priorities into a nationalfoster regional expertise in genomicsapproach that aligns with the objectives of the federal research,government. All of the Genome Centres receive funding from other sources, primarily provincial governments,develop partnerships to strengthento further support the priorities of their regions. regional leadership and competitiveness,facilitate researcher access to theThe operational costs to fulfil the Centres mandates are supported by many sources of funding, including technology platforms,Genome Canada. In 2018-19, Genome Canada providedcreate unique and innovative public$880,000 each to Gnome Qubec, Ontario Genomics outreach programs, andand Genome British Columbia, and $734,800 each to Genome Atlantic, Genome Prairie and Genome Alberta.secure co-funding for projects from bothAs recipients of Genome Canada funding, the Genome domestic and international investors. Centres are subject to regular external assessments.Genome Canada Annual Report 2018-19 41'