b'Appendices Appendix 2GovernanceG enome Canada is governed by a Board of Direc-SEVERAL PERMANENT COMMITTEES ASSIST tors (the Board) comprising no less than nine,THE BOARD IN FULFILLING ITS DUTIES:but not more than 16, directors. The directors are recruited from the academic, private and publican Executive Committee, sectors and offer a range of expertise, including ge-nomics research, genomics in society, bioinformatics,an Audit and Investment Committee, academia, the government sector, business, commer-a Governance, Election and Compensation cialization and communications. New directors areCommittee, appointed for two-year terms that are renewable. The presidents of each of the following organizationsa Communications and Outreachthe Canada Foundation for Innovation, CanadianCommittee, and InstitutesofHealthResearch,NationalResearcha Programs Committee. Council Canada, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canadaare non- The Board has in place the Science and Industry Advisory voting, ex officio advisers to the Board.Committee (SIAC) that provides advice to the Board on approaches and directions that contribute to the The Board has stewardship over the business and af- achievement of Genome Canadas strategic plan. This fairs of Genome Canada. Its fiduciary responsibilitiescommittee consists of individuals from Canada and include strategic leadership, succession planning, riskabroad who are internationally recognized in the sci-mitigation, performance and evaluation, and finan-ence and industry sectors and in fields relevant to cial oversight. genomics in society.NUMBER OF MEETINGS HELD BY THE BOARD AND ITS COMMITTEES IN 2018-19Board of Directors 4Audit and Investment Committee 4Governance, Election and Compensation Committee.4Communications and Outreach Committee 4Programs Committee.4Science and Industry Advisory Committee .542 Genome Canada Annual Report 2018-19'