b'Messages from the Chair andthe President and Chief Executive OfficerI t has been my pleasure to serve as the Chair of Genome Canada for three years. As my term ends, I continue to be amazed by the immense promise of genomics and the exciting and impactful work of Canadas researchers. Cana-dians are not always good at trumpeting our success, but make no mistakewe are making a difference in health, the environment and the economy through the skill, passion and commitment of Canadian researchers and those who support them and carry their discoveries into the real world.This has been an important year for Genome Canada. We spent a year in reflection as we reimagined a Strategic Vision for the next phase of the organizations development. A year of dialogue with our research community, listening to hopes and dreams about genomic science and how it can change the world. What did we hear?We heard that this is an exciting time for genomicsas we push new technologies and data analytics into new areas of understanding, we create ever-greater opportunities to see impact across Canadian sectors. We heard that Canada has amazing strength in genomics, with world-leading research in emerging areas like energy, mining, and the environment. We heard that our interdisciplin- We heard that this is an exciting time for genomics arity is essentialour unique approach to integrating tech-as we push new technologies and data analytics intonology and scientific research new areas of understanding, we create ever-greaterwith research into its ethical, environmental,economic, opportunities to see impact across Canadian sectors. legal and social impacts. AndMoura Quayle, chair we heard that the Genome Canada modela collabora-tive model of co-development, co-delivery and co-funding with our regional Genome Centresprovides a regional per-spective essential for combining world-class research with actual economic impact.We also heard that much remains to be done.We heard about enormous opportunities in new areas of science like gene editing, synthetic biology, and the microbi-ome. We were reminded that pushing the frontiers of knowl-edge and technology opens new challenges for policymakers, clinicians and the public. We heard about the need to link with our international partners, coordinating efforts to tackle some of the largest challenges of our time: climate change, antimi-crobial resistance, biodiversity. And we have been encour-aged to double down on our efforts to increase the equity, diversity, and inclusion in our community of researchers. Genome Canada Annual Report 2018-19 1'