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We have nothing to report in this regard.We have nothing to report in this regard.Other MatterComparative Information Other MatterComparative Information The financial statements for the year ended March 31, 2018 were audited by another The auditor financial whostatement expresses d foan r theunmodifie year enddedopinionMarch o n3 1tho, 201se 8 finweanrecialausdtaitetedm beyn atsn ootnh eJru ne auditor whoexpressed an unmodified opinion on those financial statements on June 21, 2018.21, 2018. ResponsibilitiesofManagementandThoseChargedwith Governance for the Financial Statements ResponsibilitiesofManagementandThoseChargedwith Governance for the Financial Statements Management is responsible for the preparation and fair presentation of the financial Management s is in responaccordansible ce for wthe ith preCaparationadian n accoand fair unting presentastandardtion sof fornfinancistatement theot-for-parl ofit statement ins, and for ce such with internal Canacdian ontrol accoas mauntnaing gement standarddetes rfmorine ry organizationsaccordan nso ti-sf onre-pcreosfsita orgato nizationenable s, and thefor such internalfinanci thatssaartey rial preparationofcontrol aal s statememanagement ntsdetearre minfreees i sf rnoemcemenable ementthepreparation ueofto fraud or efinancialrror. tomisstat , whether d statementsthatarefreefrommaterial misstatement, whether due to fraud or error. In preparing the financial statements, management is responsible for assessing the In p abthetocontisntatements,coementas for appliascsessingable,matters Erentpariitysng ilityfinancialueasagominanaggncern,i s dreiscsponlosinsiblge the Entrelatedilitygo cocontncinuern eaas ndau ingth ern,disncerna s s appli countimngattersunless itysabtotoinggsoingcoe ncgoing co closingbasi of accable, managto emegoing nt either concern inteannddsuto sing liquithdatee the Entity concern or to bacsieas se of oapcecroautniotinnsg,ourn lheasssno relatedgoing realiemestic nat lteeither rnativiente buntd tsotdo o liquiso. date the Entity or to cease operations, or has no managrealistic alternative but to do so. Those charged with governance are responsible for overseeing the Entitys financial repochrtiargng ped rocwith ess.gove Thosernance are responsible for overseeing the Entitys financial reporting process. AuditorsResponsibilitiesfortheAuditoftheFinancial Statements Auditors ResponsibilitiesfortheAuditoftheFinancial StatementsOurobjectivesaretoobtainreasonableassuranceaboutwhetherthefinancial objectives s asa re a wto hole obatain re freerea sonfromablematerial assuranmisstatement, cehether due finto ancifraudalor Our statement aboutwwhether the error, and to is as a ssue an awhole are uditfreeors fromrep omrt that includaterial misstatement, es our opiniwhon.ether due to fraud or statementerror, and to issue an auditors report that includes our opinion.Reasonable assurance is a high level of assurance, but is not a guarantee that an Reaaudita highwith Cof anassuranadian gce,eneral but ly is anot cceptea gdu aaruadnittienegtshtaatn aanr ds sonable condassuranucted inc e accordaisnce leveldaudit wilconl alwdauycsteddeinte cat ccordaa matencerialmwithiss tCaantemadianent w gheeneraln it ely xisatcceptes. d auditing standards will always detect a material misstatement when it exists.Misstatementscanarisefromfraudorerrorandareconsideredmaterialif, statements ocr ain n the arisaggregate,eudcrouldarebe nsidcetreeddtom iantfelureianl ceif ,t he Misindividuallyfromfr atheyo errorer asonaandblycoexpeeconomico r dein citshe ionaggregate,s of users t athey ken coould n there basonaasis ofblythebe financial expectstatements.ed to influen individuallyce the economic decisions of users taken on the basis of the financial statements. Aspartofan auditinaccordancewithCanadiangenerallyacceptedauditing As stand wjuith dgmentauditing part ardof sa, nwe audit exerciins e apccordanrofessionceal Canadiand an maintain generallyp rofacceessional ptedskepticismstandthrardougsh, owe ut theexerci audsie t.professional judgment and maintain professional skepticism throughout the audit.2 2 2'