b'Appendices Appendix 4 GENOME CANADA Notes to Financial StatementsGENOME CANADA Statement of Cash FlowsYear ended March 31, 2019 (in thousands of dollars) Year ended March 31, 2019, with comparative information for 2018 (in thousands of dollars) 1.Description of the organization: 20192018 Genome Canada (the "Corporation") was incorporated on February 8, 2000, under the Canada Cash provided by (used in):CorporationsActandcontinuedonDecember11,2012.TheCorporationisanot-for-profit organization and has the following objectives: Operating activities:Excess of revenue over expenses$$(a)Thedevelopmentandestablishmentofaco-ordinatedstrategyforgenomicsresearchto Items not affecting cash:enable Canada to become a world leader in areas such as health, agriculture, environment, Amortization of capital assets1654forestry, fisheries, mining and energy; Amortization of deferred lease inducement(2) Amortization of deferred contributionsresearch projects(68,054)(69,558)(b)Theprovisionofleading-edgetechnologytoresearchersinallgenomics-relatedfields Amortization of deferred contributionsthrough regional Genome Centres across Canada, of which there are currently six, one each related to capital assets(16)(54)in British Columbia, Alberta, the Prairies, Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic; Excluded from the increase in deferredcontributions (note 9)86(135)(c)The support of large-scale projects of strategic importance to Canada by bringing together (67,970)(69,693)industry, government, universities, research hospitals and the public;Grants received from Government of Canada (note 6)68,70059,100(d)The assumption of leadership in the area of ethical, environmental, economic, legal, social Reimbursement of disbursements to approved projects491and other issues related to genomics research, and the communication of the relative risks, Deferred lease inducement179rewards and successes of genomics to the Canadian public; and Deferred contributions related to capital assets9 Changes in non-cash operating working capital items:(e)The encouragement of investment by others in the field of genomics research. Decrease (increase) in other receivables142(125) Increase in prepaid expenses(74)(15) Increase (decrease) in accounts payable and2.Significant accounting policies:accrued liabilities(42)116 69,40559,076ThefinancialstatementshavebeenpreparedbymanagementinaccordancewithCanadian accountingstandardsfornot-for-profitorganizationsandincludethefollowingsignificant Investing activities:accounting policies: Decrease in short-term investments7,27910,184 Interest received on investments781746(a)Revenue recognition: Portfolio investment management(48)(65) Purchase of capital assets(9)The Corporation follows the deferral method of accounting for contribution for not-for-profit 8,00310,865organizations received from the Government of Canada. Externally restricted contributions and related investment income are recognized as revenue Net change in cash9,438248in the year in which the underlying expenses are incurred. A receivable is recognized if the amount to be received can be reasonably estimated and collection is reasonably assured. Cash, beginning of year1,234986 Externallyrestrictedcontributionsforthepurchaseofcapitalassetsaredeferredand Cash, end of year$10,672$1,234amortized to revenue on a declining balance basis at a rate corresponding to the amortization rate for the related capital assets.See accompanying notes to financial statements.(b)Investments:Investments are recorded at fair value. Fair value is determined at quoted market prices. Salesandpurchasesofinvestmentsarerecordedatthesettlementdate.Short-term investments can be easily converted to cash during the period. Transaction costs related to the acquisition of investments are expensed. 7 66'