b'Appendices Appendix 4 GENOME CANADA Notes to Financial Statements (continued)Year ended March 31, 2019 (in thousands of dollars) 3.Short-term investments: 20192018 Fair marketFair market CostvalueCostvalueGovernment of Canada Treasurybills$1,655$1,656$3,606$3,610 Government of Canada Bonds2,4842,484 Bank deposits/Bankers Acceptance 6,7306,7365,2625,270 Commercial paper5,8095,8246,9056,916 Provincial/Municipal Short term billsand notes6,6546,6738,3328,347 Federal government bonds8008001,5101,502 Provincial government bonds6,5476,5482,5972,580 Corporate bonds2,7602,7597,6147,566$30,955$30,996$38,310$38,275Theinterestratesattheendoftheyearrangefrom0.000%to6.800%(2018-0.000%to 6.020%) and mature at varying dates in 2019 (2018 - varying dates in 2018 and 2019).4.Capital assets: 20192018 AccumulatedNet bookNet book CostamortizationvaluevalueFurniture, fixtures andoffice equipment$442$403$39$38 Leasehold improvements8$442$403$39$46Cost and accumulated amortization at March 31, 2018, amounted to $376 and $330, respectively.5. Accounts payable and accrued liabilities: Included in accounts payable and accrued liabilities are $2 (2018 - $Nil) for goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax and payroll-relates taxes due to government entities. 99'