b'Appendices Appendix 4 GENOME CANADA Notes to Financial Statements (continued)Year ended March 31, 2019 (in thousands of dollars) 6.Deferred contributions: The Corporation receives contributions from the Government of Canada to be held, invested, administeredanddisbursedinaccordancewiththerelatedfundingagreementbetweenthe Corporation and the Government of Canada. (a)Deferred contributions - research projects:The Corporation operates under two active Funding Agreements with the Government of Canada. As at March 31, 2018, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada had committed $402,200 in grants to the Corporation under these agreements, of which $237,400 has been received as at March 31, 2019. The terms and conditions of these agreements call for remaining grants to be paid to the Corporation annually, subject to the appropriation by theParliament,basedontheestimated cash requirementsfortheyear.Duringtheyear endedMarch 31,2019,theCorporationreceived$20,300undertheagreementdated March 10, 2014, and $48,400 under the agreement dated May 19, 2017. The changes in the deferred contributions balance for the year are as follows:20192018Balance, beginning of year$39,155$49,110 Add: grants received68,70059,100 Add: reimbursement of disbursements to approved projects491 Add: investment income758503 Less: amounts amortized to revenue(68,054)(69,558) Less: amounts invested in capital assets(9) Less: amounts internally allocated to wind-down costs(950)Balance, end of year$40,091$39,155Expenses of future years: Deferredcontributionsrelatedtoexpensesoffutureyearsrepresentunspentexternally restricted funding received to date, together with investment revenue earned, for the purpose of providing funds to eligible recipients and paying for operating and capital expenditures in future years. 10 10'