b'Appendices Appendix 4 GENOME CANADA Notes to Financial Statements (continued)Year ended March 31, 2019 (in thousands of dollars) 6.Deferred contributions (continued): (b)Deferred contributions related to capital assets: Deferred contributions related to capital assets represent restricted contributions with which capital assets were originally purchased. The changes in the deferred contributions balance for the year are as follows:20192018Balance, beginning of year$46$100 Add: acquisition of capital assets9 Less: amounts amortized to revenue(16)(54)Balance, end of year$39$46(c)Deferred contributions - internally restricted:OnMarch21,2019,theBoardofDirectorsapprovedaninternalrestrictedreservefrom previously received deferred contributions of $950. The amount will be held to cover costs of a potential wind-down of the organization. Interest and investment income earned from these restricted amounts is recognized as income during the year it is earned, and redistributed to the deferred contributions for future research project distribution.7. Lease inducements:The lease inducements include the following amounts:20192018Leasehold improvement allowances$136$ Free rent41Total lease inducements$177$Duringtheyear,leaseholdimprovementallowancesandfree rentof$179 (2018:$Nil) were provided. The amortization of leasehold improvement allowances and free rent are $Nil and $2, respectively (2018: $Nil and $Nil, respectively).11 11'